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 aktualizacja ediusa do wersji 6.03 dostępna 
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Dołączył: środa, 13 stycznia 2010, 23:56
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Post aktualizacja ediusa do wersji 6.03 dostępna
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EDIUS Software v6.03 Update

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
This update contains new features, numerous improvements, bug fixes, and is an official localized version.

Note: This package can only upgrade an existing system. That is, you will need to have installed EDIUS v6.00 software. If you are installing on a fresh system, you will need to first install from your original EDIUS 6 media and then apply this update. You will also need to have your security dongle inserted.

Supported Hardware:

* IEEE 1394 FireWire controllers
* ADVC1394, ACEDVio
* STORM 3G Elite
* HDSTORM Series
* HDSPARK Series
* EDIUS NX Series
* EDIUS SP Series
* EDIUS SD/HD Series (RX-E1 hardware)

Features added in this version (from v6.02)

* Added support for SONY 60p/50p AVC file import through Source Browser
* Added support for JVC 60p/50p AVC file import through Source Browser
* Added support for H.264/AVC(MP4) file export. (Added support for Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors)
* Added support for EDIUS Simul Capture Option*
* Added support for K2 EDIUS Connect Option*
* Added support for legacy hardware (NX, SP, RX-E1)

*Feature available separately via paid option

Issues fixed in this version (from v6.02)

* Fixed issue with freeze of EDIUS when operating shuttle quickly in VTR emulation mode
* Fixed issue with dashed outline not being displayed when selecting multiple character frames by dragging in QuickTitler
* Fixed issue with QuickTitler not starting from the timeline menu after selecting an audio clip in the Bin window
* Fixed issue with switching point not snapping to the timeline cursor in multi-cam mode even if moving the switch point with mouse
* Fixed issue with the timeline cursor moving one more frame after pressing stop during timeline playback
* Fixed issue with being unable to open tape-out dialog even if the project settings matches the device preset settings
* Fixed issue with being unable to set the voice to monaural of Linear PCM when making DVD
* Fixed issue with timecode not being displayed properly when placing clip of which In/Out is specified in PLR mode
* Fixed issue of aspect ratio and resolution of certain QuickTime files (.mov files) not being recognized correctly
* Fixed issue with being unable to import Raylight DVDProHD 720p50 files made with FCP to EDIUS
* Fixed issue with the cutting point of the selection track not being selected when switching to trim mode
* Fixed issue with default transition not being applied to the clip on the selection track when link/group has been temporarily released
* Fixed issue with the buttons at the bottom of the window not being displayed when switching to the trim mode in a certain environment
* Fixed issue with the insertion point of the marker being moved back one frame when specifying to insert marker during DV/HDV capture
* Fixed issue with setting of the character spacing with the character unit not working correctly when modifying title once created
* Fixed issue with slow startup of EDIUS when using network profile
* Fixed issue with poor Thumbnail image quality of the menu of the DVD created
* Fixed issue with image files except for .psd/.png files not being displayed on profile icon selection screen
* Fixed issue with collapsing still image when still picture is made with Ctr+T in 10bit project
* Fixed issue with the stop position of the timeline cursor being incorrect after dragging the cursor off the timeline window to stop the timeline
* Fixed issue with overscan size setting being disregarded during output to tape
* Fixed issue with playback performance when using the audio mixer in learning mode if the bin window is viewed
* Fixed issue with being unable to burn DVD/BD by user limitation
* Fixed issue with focus not moving to the transition when transition is applied by keyboard short-cut
* Fixed issue with focus not being updated while operating jog controller when focus is on recorder side
* Fixed issue with still image being displayed in gray when specifying the still image as thumbnail in chapter menu
* Fixed issue with jittery when playing back certain MPEG files in EDIUS
* Fixed issue with the setting for duration of the title mixer not being memorized after changing the duration
* Fixed issue with slow start of proxy download when registering clip from PDW-U1 to Bin
* Fixed issue with being able to trim clip of the track locked
* Fixed issue with title clip not being copied in project consolidate
* Fixed issue with specified In-point frame not being displayed when capturing in thumbnail in Bin clip display
* Fixed issue with EDIUS displaying error when specific title file is opened if image file used in certain QuickTitler is offline
* Fixed issue with display status after import being varied depending on how the project file is imported
* Improved the settings for "output between In/Out" of the export so that it can be memorized
* Fixed issue with not being able to add transition using shortcut key (CTRL-P)
* Fixed issue with writing to BD with DiscBurner while contents of BD are opened by explorer being failed
* Fixed issue of Up and Left key not working by the slider control of 3wayColorCorrection setting window
* Fixed issue with safe color not being saved in "Color wheel" effect
* Fixed issue with the settings being changed when specifying the target color range of 3way ColorCorrection (White balance)
* Fixed issue with being unable to move slider to the correct position during playback in player
* Improved the speed to save project files
* Fixed issue with material forwarded from Audio CD to Bin being identified as "Video Clip" on Bin
* Fixed issue with unexpected Context Menu which appears even if right-click in the blank area in the profile selection part in the project selection window
* Fixed issue with TitleMixer effect nor working properly when the title is resized after changing SD to HD in the project automatically
* Fixed issue with folder name being disappeared when entering existing folder name + one character for project name on Create New Project screen
* Fixed issue with Duration becoming "--:--:--;--" after restart if the transition preset is created with the Duration 1 second or less in German, French, or Spanish environment
* Fixed issue with MP4 files recorded by SANYO Xacti VPC-FH1 not being decoded correctly
* Fixed issue with being unable to type "," when entering decimal values in a language OS environement in which comma, "," is used as a decimal point
* Improved time required to open a project that has a large amount of XDCAM EX clips in Bin
* Fixed issue with VSC/WFM not being displayed properly on master screen during the playback in multicam mode
* Fixed issue with crash of EDIUS 6.02 when pressing [CTRL] + [Shift] + click on rubberband
* Fixed issue with being unable to filter .m2ts file properly in the file restoration dialog from Bin of a German version
* Fixed issue with timing of autosave during file output (Autosave is now performed at file output)
* Fixed issue with penetration part being lightened when the GPUfix ripple is applied between tracks of alpha material
* Fixed issue with combing noise being appeared in the movie when converting interlace project to progressive during export conversion
* Fixed issue with being unable to maintain advanced settings of exporter when being saved as preset
* Improved color matte so that the color of color matte can be specified while importing Final Cut Pro XML file

Doświadczenie: HMC151, XF100, AC130, AF101, GH3, 5dMKII, 6D

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Post Re: aktualizacja ediusa do wersji 6.03 dostępna
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